Project Members

Project leader

André Nollkaemper

André Nollkaemper is Dean and Professor of Public International Law at the University of Amsterdam. He is the initiator and director of the SHARES project. He obtained an Advanced Investigator Grant of the European Research Council for this project.

Post-doctoral researchers

Maarten den Heijer

Dov Jacobs

Ilias Plakokefalos

PhD candidates

Christiane Ahlborn

PhD topic: The Responsibility of International Organizations and their Member States (defended February 2020)

Berenice Boutin

PhD topic: The Role of Control in Allocating International Responsibility in Collaborative Military Operations (defended October 2015)

Kathryn Greenman

PhD topic: The History and Legacy of State Responsibility for Rebels 1839-1930: Protecting Trade and Investment against Revolution in the Decolonised World (defended May 2019)

Nienke van der Have

PhD topic: The Prevention of Gross Human Rights Violations under International Human Rights Law (defended March 2017)

Emma Irving

PhD topic: The Shared Protection of Human Rights at the International Criminal Court (defended March 2017)

Erik Kok

PhD topic: Indirect Responsibility in the Contemporary Law of State Responsibility (defended February 2018)

Nataša Nedeski

PhD topic: Shared Obligations in International Law (defended November 2017)

Isabelle Swerissen

PhD topic: Responsibility Allocation Arrangements and Protection of Refugees

Junior researcher

Jessica Schechinger

Jessica Schechinger was junior researcher in the SHARES Project (2012-2015 full-time, thereafter part-time). Her work included primarily the overall coordination and editing of the SHARES book series, consisting of three edited volumes: Principles of Shared Responsibility in International Law: An Appraisal of … Read more

Project manager

Martine van Trigt