18 July 2013

Report: Germany utilized PRISM data

The German daily Bild reported on Monday, citing US government sources, that the German intelligence agency (BND) has long been informed of the collection of German nationals’ data by the NSA and has itself utilized data gathered with the PRISM program.

According to Bild, the BND requested assistance from the NSA when German nationals were abducted in Yemen and Afghanistan. According to a German government spokesman, the long-standing cooperation between the two intelligence agencies is a known fact and the government would not take a public stance on the details. The report contradicts earlier pronouncements by the German government that has thus far denied knowledge of the PRISM program.


Source: Bild.de | Die NSA speichert fast ALLE unsere Daten
Source: El País | Alemania conocía y utilizó los sistemas de espionaje masivo de EEUU, según ‘Bild’

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