17 July 2013

Iraq calls for Western help to stop Iranian arms transports to Syria

The Iraqi Foreign Minister, Hoshyar Zebari was reported stating on Monday that Iraq needed the help of the international community to stop Iranian weapons transfers to the Assad government in Syria that violate UN Security Council resolutions banning weapons imports and exports to and from Iran.

Zebari condemned the use of Iraqi airspace by Iran to conduct the weapons transfers, but emphasized that the Iraqi military could do nothing to stop them and called on the international community to enforce the relevant Security Council resolutions. In 2012, the Iraqi Prime minister, under US pressure, closed the air corridor used by Iran for arms transfers but the flights were renewed shortly, the Jerusalem Post reports.

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Source: Reuters | Iraq foreign minister says can't stop Iran arms flights to Syria
Source: The Jerusalem Post | Iraq says Iran weapons flights to Syria cannot be stopped without West's help

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