17 November 2014

Ban Ki-moon: G-20 states have political responsibility to tackle world’s greatest challenges

With the planet and its people facing serious security, developmental and environmental challenges, G-20 countries possess not only the political power to set us on a better course, but a political responsibility to do so, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said in Brisbane, Australia. He highlighted the need for global action in three critical areas: promoting inclusive growth and decent jobs, meeting the climate challenge, and providing financing for sustainable development.

On climate change, he commended the recent announcement by the United States and China of their post-2020 climate action, which comes on the heels of Europe’s decision on emission reduction targets. As the transition towards a low-carbon, climate-resilient future accelerates, other leaders and major economies, especially among the G20, should come forward with contributions that will sustain momentum. The world also looks to the G20 to lead on climate finance, Mr. Ban said as he urged G20 countries to make ambitious pledges towards the capitalisation of the Green Climate Fund at next week’s pledging conference in Berlin. We must act quickly and decisively if we want to avoid increasingly destructive outcomes but we also have the means to limit climate change and build a better future, the UN Chief emphasised.

Growth and sustainable development agendas depend on financing public, private, domestic and international. Hence, the G20 must continue efforts to reform the global financial system, strengthen tax systems, fight corruption and reaffirm their commitment to meeting the target of 0.7 per cent of gross national income for official development assistance.

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Source: UN News Centre | G-20 countries have political responsibility to tackle world's greatest challenges Ban

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