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1 October 2014

Cambodia’s Deputy Prime Minister calls for further implementing the principle of ‘Common but Differentiated Responsibilities’

Cambodia’s Deputy Prime Minister, Hor Namhong, said that climate change is having devastating effects on developing countries as they mostly rely on agriculture and also suffer from typhoons, floods and draughts. (more…)

Source: UN News Centre | Adverse conditions stop poorer countries reaching development goals, Laos tells UN

29 September 2014

Samoan Prime Minister: ‘International community’s actions to address climate change are grossly inadequate’

Leaders of small island developing nations urged the UN General Assembly to prioritise climate change and assist in their front line battle against its mounting impact. (more…)

Source: UN News Centre | Specter of climate change looms large, say small island nations at UN

25 September 2014

Chilean President says world leaders have a ‘collective duty to act’ in response to climate change

At the UNGA Chilean President Michelle Bachelet noted that global challenges are growing. Climate change continues to aggravate inequalities because it affects above all the most vulnerable. That is why according to her world leaders have a ‘collective duty to act’. To show its unwavering solidarity, Chile, with its fraction of 0.25 per cent of carbon emissions, has pledged to reduce emissions by 20 per cent by 2020. (more…)

Source: UN News Centre | Leaders from Latin America, Caribbean region urge action to erase inequality, spur development

24 September 2014

Financial sector pledges to mobilise USD 200 billion to fight climate change in developing countries

Governments, investors and financial institutions pledged on 23 September 2014 to mobilise USD 200 billion by the end of 2015 for low-carbon programmes in developing countries, giving a significant boost to the UN goal of reaching USD 100 billion annually by 2020. (more…)

Source: UN News Centre | Financial sector to help mobilize $200 billion to fight climate change in developing countries


Transboundary Damage in Climate Change: Criteria for Allocating Responsibility

Henry Shue

This Chapter is forthcoming in the second edited volume of the SHARES book series: André Nollkaemper and Dov Jacobs (eds.), Distribution of Responsibilities in International Law (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2015).

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