13 December 2013

SHARES/UU/KU Leuven Seminar on Shared Responsibility and Organised Non-State Actors

On Friday 13 December, the seminar ‘Shared Responsibility and Organised Non-State Actors’ will be held in Utrecht.

The seminar seeks to address the problem that while organised non-state actors (ONSAs) may cause harm in conjunction with states, international organisations and/or other ONSAs, international law does not provide for a clear concept of (shared) responsibility of ONSAs.

The aim of the seminar is threefold: first, to discuss whether the absence of established concepts and principles relating to shared responsibility of ONSAs is problematic; second, to identify patterns in practice that may allow for ONSAs to be held co-responsible; and third, to reflect on conceptual grounds and consequences of this type of co-responsibility for the law on international responsibility as a whole.

The seminar will be structured around four presentations. See here for the programme.

This seminar is jointly organised by the University of Amsterdam (Amsterdam Center for International Law, SHARES Project), KU Leuven (Centre for Global Governance Studies), and Utrecht University (Utrecht Center for Accountability and Liability Law). In addition to these three institutions, the event is sponsored by the Flemish Fund for Scientific Research.

Registration for this event is now closed.


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