4 October 2012

SHARES Lecture: ‘The EU accession to the European Convention on Human Rights and the co-responsibility mechanism’, by Tobias Lock

The second SHARES Lecture of the academic year will take place on Thursday 4 October, where Dr Tobias Lock will provide a lecture on the topic of ‘The EU accession to the European Convention on Human Rights and the co-responsibility mechanism’.

Dr Tobias Lock is a lecturer in law at the University of Surrey. He previously worked as the DAAD-Clifford Chance Lecturer in German Law at UCL and as a lecturer and researcher at the Chair of Professor Bernhard W. Wegener in the Department of Public Law, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg (Germany).

His research interests notably include the EU’s accession to the ECHR and he has published widely on the topic. Relevant publications include: ‘End of an epic? The draft agreement of the EU’s accession to the ECHR’, forthcoming, Yearbook of European Law (2012); ‘Walking on a tightrope: the draft accession agreement and the autonomy of the EU legal order’, 48 Common Market Law Review (2011) 1025-1054, available at SSRN [link]‘Accession of the EU to the ECHR: Who Would Be Responsible in Strasbourg?’ (2010), available at SSRN [link]; and ‘EU Accession to the ECHR: implications for the judicial review in Strasbourg’, 35 European Law Review (2010), 777-799, available at SSRN [link].

As part of its Lecture Series, SHARES regularly invites scholars to give presentations on issues of shared responsibility. See here the overview of the SHARES Lecture Series.

  • Tobias Lock wrote a blogpost on the topic of this lecture on the SHARES blog.


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