4 March 2013

Western sanctions on Iran lead to increase in deaths because of shortages in life-saving medicines

The sanctions regime imposed on Iran by the United States and the European Union impairs the delivery of drugs and medical equipment to Iran. Although the regime allows humanitarian trade, other laws restricting financial transactions with Iran make it impossible to implement that exception.

An Op-ed in The New York Times notes that although the Iranian government deserves criticism for poor allocation of scarce foreign currency resources and failing to act against corrupt practices, ‘the main culprit are the U.S. and European sanctions that regulate financial transactions with Iran.’ It concludes that ‘The West must relax and rationalize the terms of its sanctions regime against Iran to allow more medical goods into the country. If it doesn’t, more Iranian men, women and children will suffer needlessly’.

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Source: Wilson Center | Sanctions and Medical Supply Shortages in Iran | by Siamak Namazi | February 2013
Source: The New York Times | Blocking Medicine to Iran

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