27 March 2013

US transfers (almost) all the Afghan prisoners at the Bagram Prison to the Afghan government

The United States has transferred all but a ‘small number’ of the Afghan prisoners at the Bagram prison to the Afghan government. The New York Times writes that the Bagram commander, Gen. Ghulam Farouk Barakzai, said the Americans gave the Afghans control of 4,000 prisoners in the last year since the transfer began, but a small number still remains in American custody. He did not say how many or for how long they might be held by the Americans.

It also is reported that the transfer was made possible as the United States probably choose long-term influence in Afghanistan over holding firm on difficult issues. The Obama administration made a priority of reaching agreement on an American military presence in Afghanistan after 2014, allowing the US to keep an eye on Pakistan and Iran and control extremists in Pakistan’s ungoverned tribal areas.

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Source: The New York Times | Karzai Has Nothing but Praise for U.S. Upon Bagram Prison Transfer

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