6 September 2013

The Netherlands responsible for the death of three Muslim men in Srebrenica in 1995

The Dutch Supreme Court held today, on 6 September, that the Netherlands is responsible for the death of three Muslim men in Srebrenica in 1995.

The three men had sought refuge in the compound of Dutchbat, the Dutch battalion, who decided to not evacuate these men along with the battalion. Instead, these men were sent away from the compound, where they were murdered by the Bosnian-Serb army or connected paramilitary groups. The Supreme Court upheld the findings of the Court of Appeal, both in respect of attribution of the conduct to the Netherlands and in respect of the wrongfulness of the conduct.

The press release (in English) can be found here.

A blog post highlighting the most important sections of the judgment and explaining the two central issues, attribution and wrongful conduct, will be posted on this website shortly.

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Source: Hoge Raad der Nederlanden | Nieuws | State responsible for death of three Muslim men in Srebrenica

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