3 May 2013

Shared responsibility for poor working conditions in Bangladesh?

The Bangladesh garment building disaster has prompted western clothing brands, and also consumers to consider their shared responsibility. Some western clothing brands that were having items made there have promised financial compensation for the deaths. The European Union is reconsidering trade arrangements, and it is reported that ‘some consumers feel confused over whether they should feel a shared responsibility because of their low-price shopping habits.’

Bangladesh worst ever industrial accident (the third deadly accident in recent months) has killed over 433 people. Both the EU and the US, which are major importers, have pressured Bangladesh to raise the standards. Factory owners in Bangladesh as well as western apparel retailers have faced intense pressure from governments, consumers and labour groups to improve workplace safety.

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Source: The New York Times | Bangladesh Fears an Exodus of Apparel Firms
Source: Euronews | Bangladesh workers dying for lack of responsible regulation

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