2 September 2014

Seven NATO states to create a new rapid reaction force

According to the Daily Mail, Britain is to spearhead a 10,000-strong NATO joint expeditionary force, aimed at bolstering the West’s capabilities in response to Russia’s recent actions in Ukraine. Other countries involved at the present time include Denmark, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Norway and the Netherlands. Canada has also expressed an interest in taking part.

Officials have confided to the Financial Times that the aim is to create a fully functioning, division-sized force for rapid deployment and regular, frequent exercises, incorporating air and specialist naval units as well as ground troops.

In an interview with the Sunday Times, General Sir Adrian Bradshaw, NATO’s deputy supreme commander shared his beliefs that a strengthened NATO rapid reaction force would show Vladimir Putin that Russia would be plunged into a “decisive conflict” if it attacked a member of the alliance.

Expectations are that British prime minister David Cameron will announce the plans for the force during the NATO summit on September 4-5 in Newport, Wales.

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Source: Financial Times | Nato states create new multilateral force
Source: Daily Mail | Britain to spearhead 10,000-strong Nato rapid reaction force with mission to halt Putin's 'Tsarist expansionism'
Source: The Sunday Times | New Nato reaction force aims to deter Russian aggression

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