6 December 2013

Security Council authorises increased military action in CAR

The UN Security Council approved the French-sponsored Resolution 2127, which authorises the increase in military action in the Central African Republic (CAR) by French and African troops. The resolution provides for the deployment of African Union forces, known as the International Support Mission in the Central African Republic (MISCA), with the authorisation to use ‘appropriate measures’ to protect civilians and restore security. Additionally, French troops are now authorised ‘to take all necessary measures’ to support MISCA. Such mandate will last for a year and MISCA is expected to increase its troops from about 2,500 to 3,500, while French troops will double from the 600 currently present in the CAR.

The Central African Republic, a predominantly Christian country, has been plagued by Muslim-Christian violence after the ousting of President Francois Bozize by Muslim rebels from Chad and Sudan. The violence in the CAR includes waves of killings, torture, and rape that are attributed to the rival armed groups – the Christian Balaka fighters and the Seleka Muslim rebel army. Despite being rich in gold, diamonds, and uranium, the CAR is a poor and unstable country which often suffers from the spillover of conflicts in neighboring countries.

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Source: Al Jazeera | UN passes resolution on CAR military action
Source: United Nations Security Council | Resolution 2127 (2013) | Adopted by the Security Council at its 7072nd meeting | 5 December 2013

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