12 July 2013

Reuters: Destruction of Russian weapons stash in Syria points to Israel

According to Syrian opposition sources, a foreign power is responsible for the destruction of Russian anti-ship missiles in Latakia, Syria last week. Reuters reported on Tuesday that the disclosure appears to point to an Israeli raid.

Regional intelligence sources were reported saying that Israel had previously hit Syrian targets in order to prevent the transfer of advanced weaponry from the Assad regime to Hezbollah in Lebanon. Israel has neither confirmed nor denied the allegations, while the Free Syrian Army denies any involvement. Commenting on the attack, the Israeli Defence Minister was reported saying that Israel had set red lines in regards to its interests and would keep them, and the country has previously vowed to take any necessary means, including pre-emptive measures, to protect its borders.

Source: Reuters | Syria naval base blast points to Israeli raid
Source: The Washington Times | Syria says foreign power wiped out weapons stash; Israel mum

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