29 November 2013

President Karzai criticises US allies for NATO drone strikes

Afghan President, Hamid Karzai angered about NATO drone strikes which had killed civilians in southern Afghanistan, lashed out at US allies. President Karzai stated, ‘[t]his attack shows that American forces do not respect the lives and security of the people of Afghanistan (…) For years, our people are being killed and their houses are being destroyed under the pretext of the war on terror.’ The drone strike in question killed at least one child and wounded two women.

This attack comes at a delicate time when negotiations between President Karzai and the United States regarding a bilateral security agreement are becoming more strained. The security agreement provides for a 10 year long presence of the American military in Afghanistan, and if President Karzai does not sign the agreement NATO troops will be completely withdrawn from Afghanistan. However, President Karzai wants new conditions to be added to the agreement, such as an immediate ban on raids of Afghan homes, before he will sign the agreement. President Karzai stated, ‘[f]or as long as such arbitrary acts and oppression of foreign forces continue, the security agreement with the United States will not be signed.’

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Source: The New York Times | Afghan Leader Lashes Out at U.S. Allies After NATO Drone Strike

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