3 April 2014

NATO decides to reinforce defenses in Eastern Europe and to suspend all practical cooperation with Russia

On 1 April 2014, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) ordered military commanders to draft plans in order to reinforce the defenses in Eastern Europe. The US already sent military aircrafts to increase air patrols over the Baltic nations. Further steps that will be taken to reassure Eastern European countries are expected to include sending more military equipment to Eastern European states, improving the capability of the rapid response forces, holding more military exercises and increasing the naval presence in the Baltic Sea.

The 28-nation alliance led by the US also decided to suspend ‘all practical civilian and military cooperation’ with Russia in a reaction to its annexation of Crimea. According to the US Secretary of State, John Kerry, the commitment of the US to NATO’s core principle – that an attack on one member of the alliance is an attack on all – is ‘unwavering.’ He also stated that the NATO ministers ‘stood together in defense of Ukraine’s right to choose its future and in defense of international law.’

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Source: The New York Times | NATO to Firm Up Its Presence in Eastern Europe as It Halts Cooperation With Russia
Source: The Guardian | Nato moves to bolster eastern European defences against Russia
Source: Reuters | NATO suspends cooperation with Russia over Ukraine crisis
Source: The Washington Post | NATO allies pledge to beef up eastern defences

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