10 October 2013

Minister Zambia: shared responsibility for states to build a world free of cluster munitions

Gabriel Namulambe, Zambia’s Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, spoke about the country’s willingness to encourage other states to ratify and implement the Convention on Cluster Munitions in order to eradicate weapons that have killed and maimed thousands of people around the world. He said ‘It is our shared responsibility to restore human dignity. The fight against cluster munitions will not be complete if some countries remain outside the Convention. It is Zambia’s belief that a world free of cluster munitions is only achievable if all countries of the world come together to reject the production, use and stockpiling of cluster munitions. Furthermore, Zambia believes that all countries have a shared moral responsibility to ensure that innocent lives are not lost to these deadly weapons and that the world is clear of cluster munitions. We, therefore, call upon all countries of the world to do what is honourable and say “no” to cluster munitions.’

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Source: ICRC | Zambia: States share responsibility to build a world free of cluster munitions

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