13 March 2015

India and Seychelles sign four agreements to foster shared responsibility for maritime security in the region

India and the Indian Ocean island of Seychelles strengthened their ties as the two states signed four agreements. The four pacts relate to cooperation in various areas including hydrography, renewable energy, infrastructure development, sale of navigation charts and electronic navigational charts, and boosting maritime security. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated that the strong security partnership between the countries had enabled them to fulfill their ‘shared responsibility to advance maritime security in the region’.

Mr Modi also announced the supply of another aircraft for Seychelles, as well as a Coastal Surveillance Radar Project, stating that the ties are ‘nurtured by a common purpose – progress of our people and peace and prosperity in the Indian Ocean Region’. He continued that the measures and agreements are a symbol of bilateral cooperation between the two countries, and steps which will help Seychelles secure its islands and the expanse of waters surrounding them. Seychelles President James Michel affirmed this, noting that Prime Minister Modi’s visit symbolised the ‘excellent ties’ between the two peoples and their shared interests in areas such as maritime security and climate change.

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Source: NDTV | India, Seychelles Ink 4 Agreements During PM Modi's Visit

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