4 June 2013

Independent panel of experts finds Ethiopian Nile dam to meet international standards

Ethiopia’s unilateral action to construct a dam on the Nile river, with potentially significant impact on water flow in the river, has caused a long-standing dispute between Ethiopia and the other Nile basin states that have been unable to agree on the use of the trans-boundary river and its environment.

Ethiopian officials said on Saturday 1 June that an independent panel of experts considering the effects of the dam has concluded that the construction follows international standards and will not significantly affect Egypt and Sudan that have expressed concerns over diminished water shares and the environmental impact of the dam that, upon completion, would be Africa’s largest hydroelectric power plant. All sides have been committed to a negotiated solution, but failing that, the matter could be brought before the ICJ.

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Source: The Washington Post | Ethiopian official: Report finds Nile dam won’t significantly affect Egypt, Sudan
Source: The Japan Times | Ethiopia builds giant dam on Nile, sparking Egypt fear
Source: Ahram Online | International arbitration could be option for Ethiopia's Blue Nile dam: Govt source

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