15 December 2014

Five states identified as partners in CIA detention programme

In the wake of a 500 page summary report that was released by the US Senate on 9 December 2014, five countries have been identified as being home to secret CIA-controlled prisons namely: Poland, Romania, Lithuania, Thailand and Afghanistan. According to the Washington Post, Afghanistan alone housed no fewer than four such facilities.

The names of the partner countries that cooperated with the CIA programme were ultimately redacted from the report but the document makes use of colour-themed codes when referring to specific secret facilities. According to the Huffington Post, identification of the partner countries was made possible by linking details in the Senate study to previous reports concerning the CIA’s activities in different countries.

Foreign Policy informs that, on 10 December, following the release of the report, Poland’s former President, Aleksander Kwasniewski, issued a statement confirming that Warsaw had allowed the CIA to run a secret prison on polish territory between 2002 and 2003, as part of a deepened intelligence cooperation with the US. Kwasniewski further noted that he had no knowledge of what occurred inside the prison.

According to the Huffington Post, more than a quarter of the world’s countries helped the CIA run its torture programme by enabling rendition, which involved transferring detainees abroad without due legal process and by providing facilities where those detainees were subjected to torture.

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Source: The Washington Post | Decoding the secret black sites on the Senate’s report on the CIA interrogation program
Source: Huffington Post | More Than A Quarter Of The World's Countries Helped The CIA Run Its Torture Program
Source: Foreign Policy | Poland Finally Comes Clean About Housing a Secret CIA Dungeon

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