22 July 2013

EU guidelines on Israel reiterate long-standing policy

The EU announced the publication of guidelines explicitly banning EU funding of Israeli institutions operating in the occupied territories. Israel had opposed the directive saying it will hurt the peace process and Israeli ties with the EU.

A New York Times op-ed wrote that the hostile reaction in Israel has been stimulated by inaccurate reporting on the decision. According to an EU statement, the guidelines are a reiteration of a long-held position of the EU that it will not recognise border changes unless agreed by both parties, and the decision will not prejudge the outcome of peace negotiations. The guidelines only apply to programs of the EU, not its member states or trade, and they are estimated to affect only 0.5 percent of relevant EU project funding.

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Source: European Union | Statement by EU High Representative Catherine Ashton on the publication of guidelines on Israel and EU funding instruments | A 391/13 | 19 July 2013
Source: The New York Times | The E.U.’s New Guidelines on Israel Are Not a Boycott
Source: The Jerusalem Post | EU officially publishes settlement guidelines despite Israeli objections

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