21 May 2014

Eritrea involved in trafficking of own citizens

Mirjam van Reisen, Professor of International Social Responsibility at Tilburg University and expert in the field of human trafficking, has published a report that documents how the Eritrean government is on a high level involved in the trafficking of its own citizens. Van Reisen says that generals of the Eritrean army are responsible for smuggling Eritreans across the border. She thinks that because of the involvement of the Eritrean government in human trafficking, the Netherlands should break all diplomatic relations with Eritrea.

In April 2014 and the first two weeks of May 2014, the Dutch immigration services registered a sudden increase in the number of asylum applications by asylum seekers originating from Eritrea.

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Source: NRC | ‘Overheid Eritrea zelf betrokken bij mensenhandel’

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