8 March 2013

Dutchbat commander Karremans not prosecuted for Srebrenica

ABC News announced that former Dutchbat general Karremans, who commanded the Dutch peacekeepers in the Bosnian enclave of Srebrenica, and two other officers (Franken and Oosterveen), will not be prosecuted for their involvement in the genocide and  war crimes that were committed by Bosnian-Serb fighters who overran the enclave and subsequently massacred around 8.000 Muslim men in 1995.

The surviving relatives of three victims of the massacre (the cases of Mustafić and Nuhanović) asked for a criminal case to be launched against the three officers. The relatives wanted Karremans to be held criminally responsible for the deaths of their loved ones, arguing that he turned them over to the Serbs (general Mladic), although he should have offered the men protection because they (or their relatives) had worked for the Dutch peacekeepers.

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Source: ABC News | Associated Press | Dutch Peacekeeper Not Prosecuted for Srebrenica
Source: NOS | Karremans niet vervolgd (in Dutch)

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