13 February 2014

Apple releases supplier responsibility report

Apple published its 8th supplier responsibility report, an annual audit of the contract workers who produce and assemble its iPhones, iPads and other hardware in factories outside the United States.

The report states that third parties have verified that its suppliers did not use tantalum, a type of metal commonly used in electronics, containing any minerals that come from areas engaged in warfare.

The report also states that Apple is trying to drive suppliers to compliance with its standard for a maximum workweek of 60 hours, and that it is investing in helping workers through its supply chain to better understand their rights.

Apple started conducting audits and publishing reports in 2007 after media reports of poor working conditions at Foxconn, a Chinese manufacturer of products for Apple, Sony, Microsoft and others.

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Source: The New York Times | Apple Says Supplies Don’t Come From War Zones
Source: Apple | Supplier Responsibility

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