12 April 2013

SHARES Seminar: Practice of Shared Responsibility in International Military Operations

This SHARES Seminar will discuss papers reviewing the practice of shared responsibility related to international military operations.

This Seminar is organised in cooperation with the Swedish National Defence College and will be held in Stockholm.

In conformity with the general approach of the SHARES Project, the seminar will discuss the law and practice relating to situations where multiple actors (states, international organizations and other non-state actors) have contributed to a single injury, and where questions have arisen about their ex post facto responsibility for that contribution. All papers have in common that they discuss situations where the questions of responsibility is governed, or influenced by international law of military operations.

The seminar will discuss relevant practices of shared responsibility in eight issue-areas:

1. UN peacekeeping operations

2. AU operations

3. NATO operations

4. EU missions

5. Coalitions of the willing

6. Occupation

7. Private military contractors

8. Arms control

The papers that are presented will be each commented upon by an invited expert-commentator.

By mapping relevant practices in the field of international law of military operations, the seminar will allow for an assessment of the fit of the prevailing principles of international responsibility, and could provide building blocks for a proposal for development and eventually for a broader theory of shared responsibility.

The papers will eventually be published in the second edited volume of the book series on Shared Responsibility in International Law.

This seminar is closed. You can find the preliminary programme of the seminar here.

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