6 December 2012

SHARES Lecture: ‘My difficulties with sharing – a critique of shared responsibility’, by Andrea Bianchi

On 6 December 2012, Professor Andrea Bianchi will give a SHARES Lecture entitled: ‘My difficulties with sharing – a critique of shared responsibility’.

Andrea Bianchi is Professor of international law and head of the International Law Department at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva. Previously, Andrea Bianchi was amongst others Professor at the Catholic University in Milan and Associate Professor at the University of Parma.

He has extensively published in areas of international human rights law, international economic law, the law of treaties, international law and terrorism, non-state actors and international law, the law of jurisdiction and jurisdictional immunities and state responsibility. His current focus is on international law theory.

Some of his publications can be found here.

As part of its Lecture Series, SHARES regularly invites scholars to give presentations on issues of shared responsibility. See here the overview of the SHARES Lecture Series.

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