7 November 2013

SHARES Lecture: ‘The ILC Work on the Protection of Persons in the Event of Disasters’, by Eduardo Valencia-Ospina

On Thursday 7 November 2013, Dr. Eduardo Valencia-Ospina will give a lecture entitled: ‘The ILC Work on the Protection of Persons in the Event of Disasters’.

Dr. Eduardo Valencia-Ospina is member of the International Law Commission (ILC) and the United Nations ILC Special Rapporteur on the Protection of Persons in the Event of DisastersHe leads an effort to draft articles codifying customary international law on obligations of states regarding the protection of individuals in natural and other disaster situations. 

He has been working at the United Nations since 1964, and has been elected as Deputy-Registrar (1984-1987) and Registar (1987-2000) of the International Court of Justice. He has also taught at The Hague Academy of International Law, and has been member and chairman of the International Law Association’s Study Group on Responsibility of International Organizations.

Dr. Valencia-Ospina holds a PhD in Juridical Sciences and a PhD in Economic Sciences from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Bogotá, Colombia and an LL.M. from Harvard University.

As part of its Lecture Series, SHARES regularly invites scholars to give presentations on issues of shared responsibility. See here the overview of the SHARES Lecture Series.

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