15 October 2015

SHARES Commentaries on the Law of International Responsibility

On Thursday 15 October 2015, a workshop will be convened to discuss the planning and process for the SHARES Commentaries on the Law of International Responsibility.

The SHARES Project was based on a 5-year research grant from the European Research Council (ERC). To mark the end of this period, the project is now embarking on the drafting of critical commentaries on the law of international responsibility, in particular as that law has been developed by the International Law Commission (ILC).

The aim is to draft a normative authoritative product (called the ‘SHARES Commentaries on the Law of International Responsibility’) that can be referred to by judges, practitioners and scholars in conjunction with the ILC Articles. The SHARES Commentaries will draw on the papers and books produced during the SHARES project.

The workshop of 15 October will discuss the approach and structure of the Commentaries as well as the drafting process. In this respect, the Workshop does not (other than was announced earlier) constitute the final event of the SHARES project.

The Commentaries will be drafted in consultation with experts during the next year, and will be presented in the fall of 2016.


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