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26 February 2013

Report on UK complicity in drone attacks by the US

Al Jazeera has published a report detailing involvement of the United Kingdom (UK) in drone attacks by the United States (US). The report states that the UK has been providing locational intelligence in order to assist US drone operators carrying out strikes in Pakistan, and that it has granted General Electric export licenses for products integral to the production of Predator drones.

Source: Al Jazeera | Foreign complicity in the drone war

26 February 2013

US builds drone base in Niger

President Obama has announced last Friday that about 100 American troops were sent to Niger to help set up a new base from which drones would conduct surveillance in the region. Niger has signed a Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) with the United States (US) that has cleared the way for greater American military involvement in the country, and has provided legal protection to American troops there. The US troops would support the French-led operation in Mali.

Source: The New York Times | New Drone Base in Niger Builds U.S. Presence in Africa

26 February 2013

United Arab Emirates buys unmanned aerial vehicles, but US blocks sale of armed drones

While the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has signed defence contracts worth $1.4 billion Dollar, including one for unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) from the United States (US) firm General Atomics, the US blocked attempts by the UAE to buy armed drones.

Diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks indicate that the UAE and Saudi Arabia are among several countries, asking US officials to buy armed drones but which have been rebuffed. The US says that it is committed to an international agreement designed to limit the spread of long-range precision weaponry, which restricts drone exports.


Source: Aljazeera | UAE signs $1.4bn in defence contracts

25 February 2013

US threatens multiple states in response to corporate espionage

The White House threatened China and other states with diplomatic and trade action over corporate espionage in a conference on Wednesday, after cataloging more than a dozen cases of commercial thefts and cyberattacks at some of the biggest companies in the United States (US). The strategy of the Obama administration was outlined in a report at the conference.

The strategy report said Washington would work with its allies to coordinate on ways to pressure states like China, which according to the US government are engaged in heavy theft of intellectual property.


Source: The Wall Street Journal | U.S. Ups Ante for Spying on Firms
Source: Administration Strategy on Mitigating the Theft of U.S. Trade Secrets | February 2013

19 February 2013

Karzai to Forbid Afghan Forces From Requesting Foreign Airstrikes

Afghan President Hamid Karzai has said that he would forbid his military forces from requesting American or NATO forces to conduct airstrikes. The announcement follows a joint Afghan-NATO attack last week in the Kunar Province (in eastern Afghanistan), that killed ten civilians. The airstrike was reportedly requested by the Afghan National Directorate of Security.

Source: The New York Times | Karzai to Forbid Afghan Forces From Requesting Foreign Airstrikes

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