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21 August 2012

Collective responsibility for national debt burdens

In a column published by Reuters, Anatole Kaletsky argues that Italian and French leaders would only find political and fiscal integration acceptable, if collective European control over domestic fiscal policies – which is insisted upon by Germany – would be ‘balanced by collective responsibility for national debt burdens.’

Kaletsky argues that this ‘more complex and balanced approach to fiscal integration’ could make the continued existence of the euro possible, and would save Europe from ‘a decade of depression.’

Source: Reuters | Column: Reject the politics of oversimplification

24 June 2012

Italian agreement with Libya on cooperation to curb irregular migration

The Italian paper La Stampa has made public the text of the agreement, signed between Libya and Italy in April 2012 to prevent undocumented migrants from leaving Libya. The agreement states that Libya should reinforce its land and maritime borders in order to counter the departure of migrants from its territory.

Various forms of collaboration between Italy and Libya are foreseen in the agreement, for instance, training of Libyan police and border personnel by Italy and Italian assistance in strengthening controls of Libya’s borders and coastal patrols, through providing technical means and equipment. Libya’s borders will be manned and operated by the Libyan authorities. Furthermore, according to the agreement, procedures facilitating voluntary return of irregular migrants would be coordinated with the International Organisation for Migration.

Source: Amnesty International | Italy must sink agreements with Libya on migration control

29 March 2012

‘Left to die’ boat disaster: those responsible ‘could face legal action’

The European rapporteur charged with investigating the case of 63 African migrants who were “left to die” in the Mediterranean last year has warned those responsible could end up in court. On Wednesday, the Guardian revealed the findings of a damning official report into the fateful voyage, which saw the sub-Saharan refugees drifting in the sea for two weeks while dying of thirst and starvation, even though their boat had been located by European authorities and emergency distress calls had been issued to all other ships in the area. The report blamed a collective set of “human, institutional and legal” failures for the inaction, labelling it a “dark day for Europe” and concluding that large loss of life could have been avoided if the various agencies in the area – NATO, its warships, the Italian coastguard and individual European states – had fulfilled their basic obligations.

Source: The Guardian | Migrant boat disaster: those responsible 'could face legal action'

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