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26 September 2014

Amir of Qatar: UNSC must ‘shoulder its legal and humanitarian responsibility and support the Syrian people’

‘It is imperative for the international community to work hard to put an end to the bloodshed and the systematic destruction of Syria by a regime that has put its people between a rock and a hard place to choose between accepting its presence at the helm or burning down their country’, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani, Amir of Qatar, told the UNGA. The Qatari leader reiterated his call on the Security Council to ‘shoulder its legal and humanitarian responsibility and support the Syrian people’ against terrorism and genocide. (more…)

Source: UN News | Mid-east, Gulf leaders strive for international response to terrorism in Syria

15 August 2014

UN declares Iraq ‘Level 3 Emergency’, states urged to do more to help Iraqi civilians

The UN has designated its highest level emergency for the humanitarian crisis in Iraq, citing the scale and complexity of the situation, which is impacting tens of thousands of people that have been forcefully displaced by the armed group, Islamic State (IS). The ‘Level 3 Emergency’ designation will ‘facilitate mobilization of additional resources in goods, funds and assets to ensure a more effective response to the humanitarian needs of populations affected by forced displacements’. UN officials are particularly concerned about the situation on Sinjar Mountain, where are at least several thousand people remain trapped and the health conditions are quickly deteriorating. (more…)

Source: UN News Centre | UN declares Iraq ‘Level 3 Emergency’ to trigger more resources, speed up aid delivery
Source: UN News Centre | Amid spread of ‘hatred and brutality,’ Ban urges countries to do more to help Iraqi civilians

21 April 2014

Former Security Council President apologises for collective failure to prevent Rwandan genocide; states called on to meet responsibility to prevent atrocities

On 16 April, the United Nations Security Council marked the 20th anniversary of the genocide in Rwanda and adopted a resolution that calls on the international community to recommit to prevent and combat such grave crimes. During the special meeting UN Deputy Secretary-General, Jan Eliasson, emphasised that present-day conflicts reveal that the protection of peoples suffering from atrocities is still ‘lagging and elusive.’ Eliasson called on all states to meet their responsibility to prevent genocide and other severe crimes, to protect and promote human rights, and to reinforce diversity and civil society. (more…)

Source: UN News Centre | Rwandan genocide: Security Council told failure of political will led to ‘cascade of human tragedy’

8 April 2014

Kagame accuses France of involvement in Rwandan genocide and bars ambassador from commemoration ceremony

Following accusations by the Rwandan President Paul Kagame of French involvement in the Rwandan genocide, France did not attend the ceremony on 7 April 2014, marking the 20th anniversary of the Rwandan genocide. According to the French Foreign Ministry, Rwanda barred the ambassador from the commemoration.

Kagame told the magazine Jeune Afrique in an interview last month that both France and Belgium had a ‘direct role in the political preparation of genocide and participation in its execution.’ Kagame accused France of training and arming the Hutu armed groups who were the main perpetrators of the genocide and of involvement in the slaughter of Rwandans who attempted to escape through a French-controlled territory. (more…)

Source: Reuters | France to shun Rwanda genocide ceremony after Kagame accusations
Source: The New York Times | 20 Years After, Rwanda Pauses to Recall Carnage
Source: The Wall Street Journal | Rwanda, France Spar on Anniversary of Genocide

9 April 2013

On anniversary Rwandan genocide, Ban Ki-moon stresses shared responsibility to prevent mass atrocities

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon honoured the memory of the more than 800.000 people who lost their lives during the Rwandan genocide in 1994, and stressed that countries have a ‘shared responsibility’ to prevent mass atrocities from happening again. Mr. Ban said ‘Collectively, we must go beyond words and effectively safeguard people at risk. And individually, we must nurture the courage to care – and the resolve to act.’

He also stressed that since the Rwandan genocide occured, the United Nations has worked every day to prevent a recurrence of such horror, with the Responsibility to Protect having become a global principle.

Source: UN News Centre | On anniversary, Ban honours victims and survivors of Rwanda genocide

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