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9 October 2013

Lawsuit filled in the US against the UN over Haiti cholera epidemic

Lawyers for Haitian victims of a cholera outbreak announced they were filling a suit against the United Nations (UN) in a Federal District Court in New York. The suit calls on the UN to compensate victims of the epidemic.

It is believed that the outbreak began after MINUSTAH peacekeepers from Nepal brought the bacteria, and spread quickly due to negligence in the sanitation of the UN base.

Last summer, researchers from the Yale University published a report arguing that the UN caused the outbreak and should pay compensation to the victims.

Lawyers for the victims have not communicated on the arguments they would present against the immunity of the UN.

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8 August 2013

Yale report holds UN responsible for Haiti cholera epidemic, calls for a claims commission

A report released on 6 August by researchers at Yale University documents how UN negligence caused the cholera epidemic in Haiti, and argues that the UN therefore has legal and moral obligations to remedy the harm caused.

The report also calls for setting up a claims commission, as referred to in the MINUSTAH Status of Forces Agreement, and recommends the Organisation to issue a public apology, direct aid to the victims and comply with its contractual and international law obligations. The report comes after the UN Office of Legal Affairs determined in February that the claims of the victims were not receivable pursuant to Section 29 of the Convention on the Privileges and Immunities of the United Nation.

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